“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

Care for our kids and care for our planet one step at a time.

Safe for Kids, Safe for the Earth!

Life become easy with the plastics, but is it better for us, our kids and our planet? Toys become more coloring, more stylish, even more beautiful, but how they effect to kids?  Where did they come from? Where were they made? Who made them? And most importantly, with what materials?

I was absolutely horrified at what I found out. Plastic toys are made in factories in China using chemicals such as BPA, Phlatates and PVC that has been linked to health problems, including cancer, endocrine disruption, development delays, and reproductive system damage.  But what do we have as alternative? Mostly nothing. My mom said that when she was a child, there were only natural toys, mostly made of wood, wool, grass, paper and cotton. Mum said that they ware absolutely amasing! And safe…

That is where my desire to show the beauty of #MyMumsDolly that were made from sustainable materials such as wool, cotton and silk became a dream, a dream to be able to offer them to other parents, like you who were also looking for safe, non-toxic eco friendly toys for their children.

Eco-Doll is proud to be the first Toy Store in Ukraine to sell 100% environmentally friendly toys and still the only toy store in Ukraine to have a 100% commitment to the planet and to the safety of your children.

Each and every single doll has been carefully made by me and the materials were selected and thoroughly researched by me. All toys in my showcase meet the highest international standards for safety. I offer customised one on one service and the knowledge that comes with more than 15 years of experience of being in business.

I invite you to browse through my wonderful little Eco-Doll store as I am sure you will find something beautiful and unique for your child that will delight their senses, ignite their imagination and encourage their creativity! My toys are the toys of the future as they last a lifetime with little or no impact on the environment.



Here’s my guarantee:

  • ALL of my toys are made from certified organic, natural, recycled and sustainable (wool, cotton, silk, linen/flax, rubberwood, beech or birch, etc) materials and non-toxic finishes, dyes, lacquers and paints.
  • I also choose manufacturers who use recycled packaging & eco based inks as I do so myselve.
  • I try to support local designers, handmade toys and ethical manufacturers. In fact I am proud that many of vonderful toys are owned by wonderful Ukrainian companies.




Tea leaves can also be used for the same purposes as coffee grounds within the garden, warding off pests and feeding your plants. Used tea leaves as deodorisers around the home. Sprinkle them into your cat litter tray to diffuse the smell, scatter them over your carpets, leave for ten minutes then vacuum up. The vacuum will also give off that refreshing smell. Dried tea leaves can be placed in the fridge to absorb odours in the same way baking soda does.



Everyone does laundry. Most of us hate it, but it has to be done. There are new washing products being developed that operate at really low temperatures. However, here are some other ideas to make your washing more eco-friendly: Use the coldest possible water to do your washing. Only do full loads of washing. Buy eco-friendly, phosphate free laundry detergent. Dry your clothes outside when it’s good weather. Dry your clothes indoors when it’s terrible weather

Motanka dolls

When my mum was a child, such dolls were made with threads or pieces of cloth. Originally, hundreds of years ago, they were meant to be charms but later they were used as dolls. The motanka doll is an archetypal symbol of mother and child, a symbol imbued with positive energies. Mothers in rural Ukraine have been making such dolls for their daughters for hundreds of years.

Nothing but threads and strips of fabric were used in making motanka dolls. Even the absence of the face in such dolls was symbolic. Such dolls were opalyed with by children and they were also presented to the newlyweds. To serve as a charm protecting the future child against evil such dolls had to be faceless because it was not known what sex of what kind of a person the baby would be.

Reg Dolls

When I was a child, it was one of the most ancient children’s toys.  A soft, cuddly rag doll was very often a child’s first toy. The term “rag doll” actually describes almost any stuffed, cotton-cloth doll made from scraps of fabrics. Rag dolls have been made for centuries in many parts of the world and all of them are different. Dolls were usually stuffed with the least appealing fabric scraps and the best scraps were used for the doll’s body and clothes. If there was hair, it was usually made of yarn or string. The doll’s face was either embroidered, painted or left plain.

In 1970s, children were encouraged to play with gender-related toys. Thus, playing with dolls was encouraged for little girls. Girls could dress the doll, care for it as a mother would, and even learn to make clothes for it as they learned to sew.

Eco Dolls!
The idea is: the best from the past bring to the future.

Doll market is wide and doll trademarks are many but behind every doll model is a choice to care for our kids and care for our planet one step at a time. Today we think about nature for our kids and safe environment much more than it was before, but in the same time, we bring in our life more plastics and chemical things. We are surrounding by this artificial, chemically made ‘entertainment’ that will end up in landfill. I remember looking down at little girl surrounded by plastic, noisy, toxic junk and instead of feeling the joy, I felt sad. And all of a sudden I once again found myself questioning my beliefs. So I embarked on a tremendously eye opening and forever changing journey of self-discovery towards a more healthier, more natural and chemical free lifestyle.


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