Felted face – a first try!

    Last week I design a new doll. This is not just a new pattern, – this is completely “a new look” dool with “a felted face”

    My Sunday work

    Sunday is not sewing day))) but.. Today I try to make an origami-doll. The paper is not really good, but the doll looks nice.

    What is inside?

    How it looks inside – nice or just wrong side of the clothes? Now you could look at my inside work!
    Hope you will like))

    Welcome a new Doll

    Old American Dolls are a little bit different from the European textile dolls. I try a new model – American doll and I like what I got. She is so nice and cute!

  • You are Invited to Join Us!

    Your talent and beautiful products have impressed the Handmade at Amazon team. You are officially invites to be an artisan in our invite-only community!

    Sculpturing the textile Doll face

    A new model of Rag Doll. Do you like it? My Mom said that the face of the doll must be more than nice, – it should be cute! Isn’t it?

    Working on the new case

    Today let’s talk about working from home! Everything about my new business {for me} was so new and I was floating on a handmade cloud.

    The best assistant

    The best assistant is alwayes near! His name is Semy. We are devoted to providing Eco Dolls that are natural & fun, easy to play on, will last for years and will safe the Earth!

    Lovely Dolls

    Lovely Dolls. How sweet are they! So nice to be at the friends’ company!

  • My desk on Friday

    When someone gardens they completely zone out, it’s the best activity to both enjoy the world and to cherish the pleasures being with your own self.

    World tree dolls

    The tree is a symbol of a kin. Therefore , this is a wedding doll, where both a bride and a bridegroom are located on one stick. It could be fixed in a wedding pie during the wedding party.

    Summer Dress

    Summer Dress. How sweet is this! Feel free to order the same stile dress for your Dolly.

    Little Lady Masha

    This Doll already find her family and a little “mum”. Her name is Masha.