eco-policyMy Eco-Policy – it’s not just my dolls that are environmentally friendly. At Eco-Doll brand I have an eco policy that ensures everything I do as a company reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our precious environment.

Following International Standards:

Most of fabrics (textile) which I use for my craft work are made from 100% cotton American production and comply with international certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and GOTS. European fabric produced in Poland in accordance with international standards TÜV Rheinland.

Materials, Paints, Glues:

Eco Doll toys is typical for the organic materials it is made of, and knitted clothing. Eyes and mouth are embroidered in the colours light blue and light pink. Clothing is knitted in natural coloured plant dyed yarns or sewing using natural fabric. All of my products are made from sustainable, renewable and / or recycled materials. Each product is thoroughly screened to ensure they meet my strict ‘eco criteria’ below.

All Eco Dolls are:

  •     Made from 100% natural materials such as wood, certified organic cotton or pure wool or 100% recycled materials.
  •     Materials are sourced from renewable and sustainable resources or recycled materials.
  •     Eco Doll toys contain NO BPA which is often found in plastic baby dolls.
  •     Paints and finishes are water based and 100% non-toxic and safe.
  •     Eco Doll baby soft toys are certified organic cotton which promotes farming techniques that respect and replenish the environment.
  •     Eco Dolls uses NO alergetic fillings for soft toys.
  •     Eco Doll also has a range of 100% pure wool felt toys, a biodegradable, sustainable and renewable material.
  •     Eco Doll choose manufacturers that care about the environment and run conservation projects.
  •     eco Doll supports manufacturers who ensure workers get a fair wage and run programs that fight poverty in third world countries.

Quality Play:

Eco Dolls are beautiful to touch and stimulate your child’s senses through play. They encourage open ended, imaginative play that promotes learning, social and physical development. These quality, non-toxic and anatomically correct dolls teach children concepts of family, culturally diverse groups, about relationships, coexistence, and respect for racial and sexual diversity. They make an excellent educational toy for learning about diversity, culture and boundaries around personal space and our bodies.

My toys are non-gender specific, I don’t believe in ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ toys. I believe in childhood.

Eco Dolls are highly educational and multifunctional which means they can be played with in many different ways engaging your child’s curiosity, promoting problem solving and many other valuable learning skills. Eco-Doll baby dolls sewn in realistic hair that can be brushed, jointed limbs so they can sit upright, realistic eyes and are anatomically correct so children can learn all body parts.

Eco Dolls meet the highest Ukrainian & European standards for toys safety. They are also a much safer alternative to the plastic dolls currently on the market. They are high quality, durable toys that last and can be passed down the generations


All my printing is done locally on 100% post consumers waste paper, are chlorine free and only vegetable based ink (an environmentally friendly alternative) is used. We only print when and where absolutely necessary and do not print invoices or receipts for customers unless it is requested.

Gift wrapping:

I only use recycled gift wrap paper made locally (when it possible). My gift cards are also locally printed using 100% recycled materials and soy based inks (an environmentally friendly alternative).


Eco-Doll come in a natural cardboard box with no plastic packaging.    All of my packaging is 100% recycled including boxes, bubble wrap, brown kraft paper and other paper used in boxes.