Americal Textile Doll #16010

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Soft Textile Hand-made Eco Doll.

Role play during childhood allows children to practice out real life scenario’s in a safe environment. Every play corner must have one of these beautiful Eco-Doll!   These quality, non-toxic and anatomically correct dolls teach children concepts of family, culturally diverse groups, about relationships, coexistence, and respect for racial and sexual diversity. They make an excellent educational toy for learning about diversity, culture and boundaries around personal space and our bodies.

Designed and made in Ukraine from natural soft cotton, this doll contains NO BPA which is often found in plastic baby dolls.   Eco-Doll baby dolls sewn in realistic hair that can be brushed, jointed limbs so they can sit upright, realistic eyes and are anatomically correct so children can learn all body parts.    Eco-Doll come in a natural cardboard box with no plastic packaging.    They are also a much safer alternative to the toxic plastic dolls currently on the market.

Size: 42cm

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This stunning organic american-style doll makes a great gift. This doll is typical for the organic materials it is made of. Eyes and mouth are embroidered in the colours light blue and light pink. Clothing is knitted in natural coloured plant dyed yarns. Satin braid is attached to the felt shoes.

If this is not the cutest of the cute, I do not even know how to define the doll, her eyes, her hair style, her meet outfit, and the whole of her beautiful collection! Adds so much beauty in the house! She is not just a doll, she is really like little girl. Pretty, nice, soft, well-behaved, smart, and neat little girl!

Eco Doll has made toys that are safe and fun for kids and ecological for the environment. We put our talents together to design, manufacture, and sell lovey motanka dolls, thread dolls and oregami dolls along with the classic rag dolls.


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